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Advance Services provides advanced implementation services and high quality software products to research institutions and international projects to accelerate the implementation processes and to assure the quality of the products.

Advance Services team includes Computer Scientists and Software Engineers with more than 10 years experience in large scale infrastructure projects supported by either private, European or national funding. Team members have strong expertise in designing and implementing high quality integrated information systems and applications.

We’re looking for an experienced Software Engineer. You will get the chance to share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues in Heraklion and abroad and help to realize our ambition: “we grow together”.

Basic requirements:

  • Specialized degree (achieved or in progress) with a technical-scientific specialization with a preference for Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Engineering.
  • Good communication skills and co-working skills
  • Orientation to team working
  • Excellent knowledge of English and strong interpersonal skills, propensity to team work, high motivation for consulting, and aptitude for analysis and problem-solving
  • Affinity software engineering
  • Experience with the following: Python, Java, Git, Docker, SQL